Crisis Communications Management
Crisis communications is not for the faint of heart.
How a company navigates its way through a crisis and manages critical communications associated with the event will dictate its ability to emerge intact and with as little damage as possible. Crises communications requires strategic thinking, good instincts, strong writing skills and a compassionate heart to ensure that the organization does the right things and says the right things at the right time.
Whether a crisis entails a product-related injury, a toxic chemical leak, a litigation issue that’s being ‘publicly tried’ in the media, online-social media backlash, a shooting, or executive impropriety, none of this is fun and none of this is easy. Managing communications associated with a crisis situation demands immediate 24-7 attention by your internal communications team and/or external public relations counsel.
Moving through a crisis requires quick action and clear thinking.
Having an experienced communicator on your team can be an enormous help.

Should you find yourself in the midst of a crisis or emergency – whether or not you have a crisis communications plan in hand – Bremer Public Relations stands ready to assist you with the demands and nuances of determining your crisis communications strategy and communicating clear, timely messages to your important publics. It can make the difference between protecting your relationships and reputation or destroying them.
The unwavering truth still stands: Companies that prepare and plan for crises and emergencies are less likely to experience them. Yet, should the worst still happen, having a crisis communications plan and an expert communicator at your fingertips will help the company navigate the difficult and stressful waters that threaten your organization.

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