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A Crisis – By Definition
A crisis is an unforeseen event (or series of events) that causes intense public scrutiny and can threaten the ability of a business or organization to continue operations. There are several degrees of urgency.
An Issue  
…is a matter of dispute that needs managing.
An Emergency  
… is a sudden, unexpected occurrence that requires prompt action to diffuse and resolve, but does not represent a major turning point in the organization’s existence.
A Crisis  
… is an event or circumstance that threatens the operation, safety, reputation and, quite possibly, the existence of an organization and its stakeholders.

It is easier and more cost-effective to proactively protect a company’s
operation and reputation than to repair it after damage has been done.

Alicia has developed dozens of comprehensive crisis plans for her clients – some driven by need, others by forethought. Many are developed to complement the organization’s operational crisis or emergency response plan. In other cases, the crisis communications plan has actually led the client to draft a much-needed operational crisis plan.
In our experience, companies that go through the exercise of imagining the worst possible situations and developing both emergency response and crisis communications plans are less likely to experience these dreaded events.  By contrast, those that don’t invest the time in proactively create these documents are more likely to be caught off guard by a serious issue or crisis.
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