Proactive Planning
Since 1988, Alicia Bremer has been involved in managing crisis communications for some of Utah’s most-riveting, headline-grabbing and heart-breaking business and community crises. As she has helped clients from a variety of industries emerge from tough situations with their reputations, relationships and businesses intact, Alicia has likewise provided crisis communications planning and crisis media training for many local and national organizations.
Being prepared is the rationale behind crisis planning – both from a communications and an operational perspective. What are the differences between these two categories of planning?
An operational crisis or emergency response plan 
Provides a blueprint for how a company will operationally deal with a crisis. This is typically developed by an operations or plant manager and a committee consisting of key executives involved in operational issues. An emergency response plan inventories all potential crisis situations and addresses the critical steps a company takes in response.
A crisis communications plan 
Is a guide for how to handle the communications aspects of any crises, as well as crises specifically related to reputation (such as inappropriate behavior of an executive). This plan also inventories potential crisis situations but focuses on the communications elements such as first response messages and guidelines; company protocols; communication command center(s); procedures for communicating with employees, shareholders, customers, the media and other important publics, and more.

Imagining the unimaginable and planning for it not only prepares an organization to strategically and nimbly respond to any number of crisis situations, it also helps the organization to “think through” vulnerable areas (from operational to procedural to political) and take remedial steps that prevent a situation from ever becoming an issue, an emergency or, ultimately, a crisis. .
The mere act of thinking about the “worst that could happen”
can motivate companies to take the preventative measures that
will help to avert these potential crises and, in the worst case, manage them.
Proactive Planning
A Crisis – by Definition
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