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Communication Services
Meeting facilitation is an art…with a healthy dose of science.
For the past 20 years, Alicia Bremer has facilitated hundreds of meetings for her clients and the boards on which she has served. The scope of her experience ranges from leading brainstorming sessions in preparation for writing strategic communications plans, to facilitating conflict resolution and issues management meetings, and leading task force meetings and training workshops.
Some examples of her experience include facilitating a day-long task force session comprised of government, NGO and private sector participants dealing with wildfire and environmental issues in Las Vegas, NV; a two-day session of National Forest Service public information officers from the Four Corners Region at a retreat in Pinetop, AZ; a day-long branding and visioning session for corporate senior executives and invited board members; multi-day, communications-related planning sessions for a law firm and their client; multi-session crisis management meetings for a non-profit board facing litigation; and numerous focus group sessions for companies wishing to understand and resolve employee and senior management dissatisfaction.
Bremer believes that the keys to successful meeting facilitation include:
• planning for the session in close collaboration with the client;
• developing an effective, purpose-driven agenda;
• leading meeting sessions with focus, engagement and compassion;
• understanding group dynamics and conflict resolution;
• incorporating active listening and playing back important points, and
• evolving the meeting to consensus and shared deliverables.  

An objective, experienced meeting facilitator can ensure productive and goal-driven outcomes for your next executive meeting, retreat or task-force session.
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Communication Services
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