What is a crisis communications plan?
Rarely does an organization get hit by a crisis that it could not have foreseen or prepared for. While many savvy organizations have developed an emergency preparedness or operational crisis plan, these same companies often have not addressed the communications elements associated with emergencies and crises. (For a more detailed explanation, visit the section Crisis Communications Planning & Management: Proactive Planning.)
A crisis communications plan dovetails with an emergency preparedness plan in detailing how the organization will communicate with employees, customers, shareholders, the media, and other key constituents in the event of each potential crisis or disaster. A plan provides executives with a step-by-step communications process, crucial messaging for those first few hours as a crisis scenario unfolds, and at-your-fingertips contact information for key constituents within the organization, the media and the community.
In circumstances where an emergency preparedness or operational crisis plan has not been developed, a crisis communications plan can also serve as a springboard for developing this other very crucial document.

Companies that take inventory of potential crises and have emergency response and crisis
communications plans in place are far less likely to encounter these worst-case scenarios.

Who would benefit from outside expertise in developing a plan?
• Every organization that cares about emergency readiness and protecting their employees, customer,
reputation, brand and constituent relationships.

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