Do you need a strategic communications plan?
Many circumstances dictate the need for a communications plan:
• Your company is preparing a business plan for the coming one-to-five years and needs a strategic, time-lined
 and budgeted communications plan as part of this document.
• Your company is seeking new funding and needs a marketing communications plan to submit as part of its
 package for investors.
• New products or services are being offered in the months or year ahead and you need a marketing
communications plan specific to these new offerings.
• You are a new company ready to launch a new product or service to the local, regional or national marketplace.
A marketing communications plan, complete with SWOT and market analyses, is critical to a successful launch.

A marketing communications plan developed for the year, a project, or an event will allow your
marketing and PR teams to implement customized strategies and tactics designed to maximize
your market opportunities and budget.

Who would benefit from outside communications expertise?
An adjunct marketing communications expert can be an invaluable resource in supporting your team and developing needed strategic communications strategies and tactics.
Small-to-medium size businesses with a one- or two-person marketing communications team that is
perpetually stretched too thin and moving quickly from one urgent communications challenge to another. They don’t have the time to think through, plan and timeline the communications opportunities and challenges ahead. You also don’t have the budget to hire another full-time communications expert to take on this important endeavor.
Businesses with a junior marcom staff who are adept at handling day-to-day marketing and public relations
activities but do not have experience in strategic planning. Why not provide them with an expertly designed roadmap?
New companies without a communications staff but who need a communications plan as a blueprint for
moving forward and/or for funding its business plan.
Large corporations with a full-fledged marketing communications team and/or an ad agency dedicated to
nurturing the company’s brand, messaging and communications strategies. Even with these top flight resources there is often a need for an adjunct expert to provide strategic planning for a project, product or event.
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